1Q 2022

  • Release of RAN Project White Paper V1.0
  • Securing assets for field visits to Cambodia in emerging markets .

2Q, 2022

  • Issuance of RANP token ERC-20
  • Private round airdrop

3Q, 2022

  • Listed on the global exchange
  • RANP token global grand marketing

4Q, 2022

  • Additional listing on global exchanges
  • Real estate digital NFT asset exchange V1.0 development

1st 2023

• Listed 3 additional RANP tokens on the global exchange
• RAN digital asset rental management service DApp development

2nd, 2023

  • Registered over 1,000 real estate and launched a commercial real estate information system
  • Completed entry into three ASEAN countries
  • Additional listing on global exchanges


RAN Metaverse real estate transaction system launched
Completed entry into real estate asset markets in 5 Asian countries


● RAN digital asset diversification and market expansion
● Achieved 5 trillion won in virtual real estate sales
● Real Asset automatic trading system
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