Solutions Offered By RAN Platform

RAN Platform platform adopts blockchain technology to curb safety problems by allowing listing on an immutable decentralized network, unlike Third-party property listing sites.
Data stored in the blocks are highly encrypted giving high levels of safety assurance to property buyers and sellers.
Safety is fostered by storing documents in RAN Platform document vault which is a core product, and also issuing advanced secure property certificates in form of non-fungible tokens or collectibles. RAN Platform will be a key player in Real Estate tokenization.

Cross border restriction solution

RAN Platform makes it easy for average and accredited investors in various locations worldwide to easily invest in Real Estate with no boundary barriers.
Cryptocurrency as a payment option in RAN Platform platform can be used for faster transactions. RAN Platform NFT Marketplace will also enhance accessibility for property ownership transfer with no location barriers. NFT property certificates can easily be transferred from seller to buyer via this medium with the help of smart contracts.

Remarkable solution to title management issues

RAN Platform provides immutable property record management to record titles digitally on the blockchain. RAN Platform' solution curbs the need to spend huge amounts on title insurance by tokenizing property and issuing NFT certificates. This makes the entire process swift and avoids unnecessary spending or panic arising from this issue.

Solution to Fraud/scam

RAN Platform will ensure scam-free transactions between buyers and sellers. All necessary information will be stored on the blockchain. The information stored on the blockchain cannot be altered and is protected against damage.

Fair commission fees

RAN Platform ensures high commission is not the cause of failed negotiations by implementing fair commission fees, partly paid in RAN which is the native token of the platform.
Last modified 1yr ago