Explanation of Real Estate, Property Market

Real Estate Market

The current property market has always been attractive for savers and investors with the general assumption outside of market dips that market value of property will always hold in a predictable manner against market inflation.

With this the property market has always seen a steady flow of investors moving in and out of the market making for a use case for commercial real estate however there are certain examples where this can fail and where RAN Platform can provide a quick solution if we take a look at the following item:
In certain scenarios a market moves suddenly or as in current climate situations as of 2021 we see ourselves in technical recession, investors may wish to move or liquidate property assets quickly and efficiently in order to hedge against such fluctuations or even simply just to realise profits.
RAN Platforms will not only make this process more streamlined and effective but will also enable this process to be completed in such a timely manner that investors will be able to capitalise almost automatically from market gains along with instant transfer of property title deeds and Land Registry through our NFT certificates.
Real Estate is the most gigantic asset class globally. The impact of Blockchain technology has been recognised by Real Estate professionals and commercial enterprises in various areas of applications ranging from retail and property sale optimization, efficient payment and certification. RAN Platform harnesses the benefits of Blockchain applications to revamp the real estate sector and ameliorate previous challenges regarding real estate sales and ownership transfer.
RAN Platform uphold transparency and efficiency by implementing real estate asset tokenization, faster transaction process, reduced fees, digital certification in form of NFTs and marketplace for NFT property auctions / trading.